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Visit this page for news of interest to anyone living in or around Weston Village. Please accept Errors & Omissions as some information is provided Third Party. Please email us with any corrections for inaccuracies.

Weston Library Book Group – Weston Library is starting a brand new book group, we will be meeting once a month on the third Wednesday of the month 11am-12pm, staring on March 18th. If you are interested in joining please email Katie_Whelan-Jones@BATHNES.GOV.UK or pop into Weston Library and leave you details.

Wanted: Volunteers for Baby Bounce and Rhyme at Weston Library

We are looking for volunteers to help with our popular baby bounce and rhyme times. We would like to hear from you if you:

  • like working with young children and love children’s books
  • like singing and maybe play a musical instrument

For more information, please contact:
Katie Whelan-Jones at Katie_Whelan-Jones@bathnes.gov.uk or
Dagmar Blows on dagmar_blows@bathnes.gov.uk



The Boys' Brigade are looking for two adult male or female play workers to volunteer their time and assist with the Anchor group that meets on Mondays from 6-7.15am. Experience in working with boys aged 5-8 years old is desirable but not essential. Assistants must be enthusiastic and motivated! 

CRB checks and an Interview are necessary. This is a fairly large group and experience with games, art, craft and play would be an added bonus! For details phone Pete on 01225 429359 or email
pete@bathbb.org.uk .



You will have noticed that most of the streets in Weston (and in Bath generally) have a 20mph zone. Weston is a "Speed Watch Zone" which means that the area is subject to mobile speed cameras. There are many types of these which may not be easy to spot:

GATSO - This is a fixed camera. The only one known to work in Bath is on the Batheaston Bye-Pass (50mph limit).

MOTORCYCLE - Some police motorbikes are fitted with speed cameras at the rear seat of the bike. The motorbike is parked up and can be located almost anywhere! One of these is occasionally spotted on the A46.

SMALL CAR GATSO - There are a number of these newly-introduced small cars in the UK. They are fitted with roof-mounted tripod cameras and can buzz around just about anywhere. Some have been spotted in Bath and Kingswood.

GATZO VAN - These white or canary coloured vans are most common. Recently they have been seen at Lansdown Lane on the lower brow of the hill where they can only be seen after it has seen and filmed you! Please note that Lansdown Lane is a 20mph zone going in both directions, even though it is a ridiculous speed to keep without burning out your clutch or brake linings!



The LOVE WESTON CAFE is on Friday mornings at The Weston Free Church (Moravian) Hall from 9:30-3:30. The cafe is non-profit making and provides meals and refreshments at the best prices! It's a great place to make new friends and meet with mothers and pre-school children, to talk and share news and a bit of gossip!

Drinks are around 50p per cup
Cakes are from 50p
Soup & Roll, Filled Baps, Baked Potatoes and Salads are £1.00 each.

*soups are homemade, similar to Covent Garden brand.

Children are very welcome (with Parents!) and creche and baby-changing facilities are welcome!

The Moravian Village Hall is wheelchair-friendly with a disabled unisex toilet as well as other toilet facilities!

For details, either visit this Friday or phone Shirley on 421026.


We need your help. Please send your news, photos, views, comments -- anything -- to mail@westonweb.co.uk

Last updated: 9 APRIL 2014 (PGF)
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